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Ny Times and USA Nowadays bestselling author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with the edge. Since 2013, this wounderful woman has sold more than two million books, with five New york city Times bestsellers and even more than 21 performances on the USA Nowadays bestseller list. Her publications have been translated in to French and German, with increased titles releasing in 2020.

From billionaires to BBWs to new adult mountain stars, Julia finds the sensual, goofy joy in each and every contemporary romance she creates. Unlike Shannon from Purchasing Billionaire, she did not necessarily meet her husband right after dropping her phone within a men’s room potty (and he isn’t a new billionaire in a range of motion com).

She lives inside New England with the girl husband and three young children in a household wherever she is the sole person with the gene required to change bare toilet paper rolls.

In that case again, I never believed I’d be arrested about RICO charges and carted about away in zip jewelry on camera for typically the world to see, mins after closing the almost all amazing deal of the career.

And all involving it facing my greatest rival, billionaire wunderkind Ian McRory.

We are broke.

We are disgraced.

I will be on your own.

I am a sucker.

But the worst component? I can go back in order to my hometown and reside in my bedroom stuffed with relics from my years as a child.

Lisa Frank never produced me so mad prior to.

Just once i needed a new rescue, I obtained one — in the form associated with help from my greatest rival.

He can’t take back my money.

They certainly can’t bring back again my reputation or my personal pride.

But there’s 1 thing he can deliver back in my opinion.

A feeling of hope.

Maybe actually love.

Ian sees some thing in me no 1 else does, and she has relentless about making myself notice it, too. As all of us grow closer, I’m starting up to see that whilst my entire life utilized to be an are located, the truth is looking me in today’s — in addition to it’s a truth We like very, very substantially, hot eyes and beautiful smile and everything.

But I actually have to be cautious.

I can be too —

Read that right.


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